Update From The Soo!

Greetings from Sault Ste. Marie!

We are grateful to God for all of His goodness to us over the last year. As has everyone, we have been grappling with the ever-changing lockdowns, rules, and restrictions that have pushed us out of our comfort zone. But through the mountains and the valleys, the highs and the lows, God’s mercy and grace have never ceased to follow.

God has been drawing folks in spite of a general reluctance amongst people to gather together in any kind of a group setting. Almost all of the local churches have not had any in-person services since the spring, but in spite of it all, God has brought several new souls to the church.

We are thankful for the ones that God is adding, as well as the spiritual growth that has been happening. Please continue, as I know you have so faithfully, to remember us in your prayers as we continue to spread the gospel of Christ, for it is the Power of God unto salvation.

God Bless,

Andrew and Leah Goodine

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