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Without question, the ministry of DH McKillop has changed the landscape of Pentecost with his passionate preaching and anointed teaching. After over 40 years of establishing and pastoring multiple churches across New Brunswick, Canada, the latter part of his ministry has been dedicated to mentoring the next generation of Apostolic leaders and impacting congregations globally. 

During his tenure as Bishop of Family Worship Center in Plaster Rock, "Bishop's Ramblings" has emerged as the generic title attached to countless not-so-generic sermons, exhortations, and table side conversations. The book you are now holding is the product of numbers hours invested by the saints of FWC, as they shared the priceless treasures gleaned from years of their personal notes and reflections. 

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“Food samples tease your taste buds, but only a REAL meal can satisfy your quest for true appetite fulfillment. As delightful as this book may be to your spiritual yearnings, these short chapters are only a few tidbits of a spiritual giant, Bishop DH McKillop. The depth of his ministry is mysteriously folded in the simplicity of his love for souls and the intensity of his anointing: every person Bishop McKillop touches never leaves hungry! I am honoured to have him as a pastor in my life (I am well fed!)."

- Bishop Brad Lambeth

“Bishop DH McKillop's passion for the Book and the God of the Book is manifested in the tears that glisten his cheeks while expounding Holy Writ -- of which I have witnessed numerous times. This compilation is a window of insight into the soul of the man revealing his deep love for God and his desire to help his fellow travellers in the journey from earth to glory."

- Rev. Wade Bass

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