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🏗 Structure Raised!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

On May 3, 2022, the first piece of steel was erected. This started a flurry of activity over the next few weeks that resulted in the completion of the structure for Phase 1 of our expansion plan. The success of the phase of the construction is in large part to the following companies and individuals.

FWC has been blessed with individuals who possess the expertise to play integral roles in each of the phases of our project. Bro. Jody Burgoyne, employed at GOW, has spent untold hours managing the fabrication and erecting of our structure. Bro. Kent Burgoyne donated weeks of his time to taking the lead on erecting the building. Special thanks to his generosity, and to GOW for allowing him to do so. Bro. Dustin Quinn also donated thousands of dollars worth of man hours from his crew... THANK YOU!

Throughout our entire project, Boyd Harding has been beyond generous and supportive of this initiative. Whenever we have needed equipment, excavation done, or roads constructed... it has been donated. Additionally, he has donated 100's of loads of fill for continued site development. We cannot say thank you enough.

Riverside Home Hardware has also played an integral role in overseeing this project. Thank you!

Bro. Sanford Goodine has been so dedicated to the vision. He has literally spent months on site, overseeing and facilitating numerous aspects of the project.

Lastly, to every member of FWC -- THANK YOU. You have bought in to the vision that God has given our assembly, and your generosity is making it happen! We literally could not be where we are without the generosity of so many!

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