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We Just Got Closer

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

It's Getting Real

Creating anything of purpose is a process. It was that way in the original, biblical Creation account. The process was not detested. It was celebrated. At the conclusion of each day, God reviewed the progress and stated emphatically: “It is Good!”

This is how I feel about today.

This morning we met with our architectural team to review the latest rendering of design and layout for our new worship center. With a project of this magnitude, there are so many facets of functionality and design to consider. I am happy to report that things are really taking shape.

It has been a pleasure working with Brent (lead architect) and Lynn (assistant) of Goguen Architecture. They are doing a fantastic job of putting our dreams into dimensions and our passion on paper.

Although we are a little behind on the official “reveal” — it will be worth the wait. You are going to love it! Thank you for your continued selfless giving to a project “yet to be seen”.

Stay tuned...


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