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$1 Million Miracle

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

In the opening weeks of 2019, an ambitious goal was cast for our Vision 20/20 Building Fund Campaign. At that time $338,000.00 had been raised towards our future building expansion. Without square footage, conceptual renderings or estimated costs — we set the target for Vision 20/20 to raise $1,000,000 by the END of 2020 (24 months). 😅

It was a stretch, but we really thought we could make it.

When Vision 20/20 was presented, the response was overwhelming. The pledged amount would put us well over 50% of our goal by year end (2019). Throughout the year the pledging remained constant and giving continued to trend upward. As December 2019 rolled around, we realized we were well within striking distance of our goal of $1,000,000!

Throughout the year it became our custom to celebrate each milestone by eating FREE homemade ice cream! Sunday, December 15, we ate ice cream in celebration of $900,000. At the celebration, we announced that the next milestone was $1,000,000. Little did we know that it would be so quick...

Watch the video above for a screen capture of the last few moments on Slack as pledges were flowing in -- Truly, a special moment.*

Friday, December 20 will forever be noteworthy in FWC’s history.

Friday morning, word spread that we had received a one-time donation of $33,325.00. As you can imagine, this sent shock waves of excitement throughout FWC. By noon, we had received another one-time donation of $21,460.00. Those two donations put us exactly $40,000.00 away from our Vision 20/20 goal.

If that was where the story ended, it would be awesome. However, that’s only where it began.

At 12:56pm a challenge was made on SLACK by one of our church members, to hit our $1,000,000 goal that day. He led by pledging $1,000. The response was overwhelming. A grassroots swell started the numbers surging towards our two year goal. Within 36 minutes, we had raised the remaining $40k — on SLACK?! 😲

And... it didn’t stop there!

Before the day was over, a total of $124,785.00 was raised... bringing total building funds raised to $1,030,000.

Our Vision 20/20 goal was not only met, it was SMASHED. $692,000 raised in ONE year?! Undoubtedly this is exceedingly above and beyond what we could even imagine... only God. And yes, we ate FREE homemade ice cream again this past Sunday night (December 22, 2019).

Suffice it to say, the momentum is palpable. Clearly, God is providing the PROvision for the VISION. Timelines are being adjusted; plans are being detailed; the vision is becoming clearer.

Announcements will be forthcoming... stay tuned, as God leads us onward.

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