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1st Service on New Property

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Sunday was an historic event for FWC. This month marks one year since we closed on 150 acres of land which will house our new worship center, conference center, cafe, etc. We never ceased to be amazed at how God is facilitating the vision. So, we decided to celebrate by having an outdoor service on our new building site. The presence of the Lord was special.

From the beginning of our project, we have committed that FWC's future expansion will not come at the expense of giving to Global Missions. Although it was unplanned, it was an exceptional honor to have Rev. Toufic Azar - missionary to Lebanon - with us to help celebrate this milestone.

Having a missionary on site cemented the fact that both a "global mission" and "local vision" can thrive together.

Enjoy a few memories below from our special day...

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