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20th Youth Congress -- Brazil

For years, the Family Worship Center has partnered with the Apostolic Church of Brazil in propagating this glorious gospel message throughout their beautiful country. Our relationship exceeds that of mere ministry association. We are family.

The Apostolic Church of Brazil is headquartered in Esteio but also has a base of operations far to the north in Campinas. The works extend beyond the home cities with churches and preaching points far into neighbouring towns and villages. These works are led by John Bradley Lambeth, Robert Cleveland Lambeth and John Lambeth Jr.

It was my privilege to join them for their annual National Youth Congress this past Easter. This year marked 20 years of hosting this incredible conference. Bus after bus brought in hundreds of people — young and old — to the camp ground located just outside Campinas to commemorate this milestone event.

Friday PM Crowd at the 20th National Youth Congress of Brazil.

The power of God was manifest from the very first service, Friday night. One of the highlights of the worship service was a medley comprised of numerous old hymns and songs that had been sung throughout the history of the Youth Congress. Saturday morning, Missionary Jake Azar from Lebanon ministered a powerful message on the essentiality of the anointing. It was an honour to minister with him in this conference.

Saturday night the Holy Ghost moved in an explosive way. Over 10 people received the Holy Ghost, as well as notable miracles performed. A lady suffering from paralysis in both arms/hands, was healed instantly. To God be the glory. The Congress closed out on Sunday afternoon, after another heavenly visitation. Many people were ministered to during this final service.

Special mention was made by Bishop Brad Lambeth, at the close of the Congress, of the significance of where the Apostolic Church of Brazil is — both historically and presently. Next year ushers in another significant milestone for them. They will be celebrating 50 years since their inception.

On Monday, before returning home, I had the privilege of dropping in to see the newly renovated Headquarters Building, located in downtown Campinas. What an incredible job Bishop Cleve Lambeth, and team, have done in this project. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Newly renovated Headquarters in Campinas, Brazil.

Under the dynamic leadership of the Lambeth family, the Apostolic Churches of Brazil are experiencing continued revival in 2019, as they establish a thriving network of congregations. It was honour to celebrate with them, this Easter. We encourage you to continue to pray for this family, and support their work, in the country of Brazil. If you desire more information about the Apostolic Church of Brazil, check out

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