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Nothing Like Men's Retreat...

One weekend a year at FWC, fathers, sons and brothers take time to invest in their relationships. June 21-23 was that weekend. What an incredible time we had.

RV’s began rolling into Baptist Park (located in Mapleton, Maine) on Friday afternoon. Those without RV’s took advantage of the cabins onsite. The weather looked pretty bleak at the offset, but before it was over we were enjoying some of the first hints of summer.

At Men’s Retreat, each day is dedicated to fellowship and fun. Period. Volleyball; baseball; bike riding; golfing; swimming; campfires; oh... and eating! Lots of eating. :) Oft times it could be described as an impromptu buffet — with men meandering from campsite to campsite, enjoying the overflow of each others bounty.

Worship on the first night...

Each night is set aside for worship and devotion, where we dive into the word of God — speaking specifically to the challenges men and boys face in our day. We were blessed by a POWERFUL word by Pastor Wade Townley (of Brewer, Maine) on Friday PM. God spoke expressly to us. The tone was set for the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday night and Sunday morning, Pastor tag-teamed with the theme established by Pastor Townley. Each service was punctuated by the anointing, as God ministered and strengthened His men! Sunday afternoon we returned home re-freshed, re-focused and re-vived — our relationships with both God and each other emboldened.

If you were not able to join us this year, make plans to join us in 2020! You won’t want to miss it. Dates and location to be announced...

Enjoy a few photos from this year’s event below:

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