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The Land is Cleared...

Over the last few days, the new expansion site for FWC has been a buzz of saws, wood chippers and tree harvesting equipment. In preparation for further site development this coming summer, all remaining trees needed to be removed from the building site. This was no small endeavour.

This hum of activity has definitely maintained the stir of excitement in FWC, as well as our surrounding community.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Boyd B. Harding Ltd. for their unwavering support of this project, even at this infantile stage. All of the equipment and man hours for the removal of the trees from our land were DONATED! You heard right... at no cost to us! Join us in thanking, Boyd and his incredible team.

From the beginning of this journey the support of our community, elected officials and business leaders have been both appreciated and unwavering. We are thrilled to be partnered with such an amazing group of people. It is our prayer that this project contributes to a greater revitalization of our awesome community.

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