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No Borders With God

March 15th was the last service FWC Presque Isle, ME held together with their entire church family. Pastor Rob Grant, his family, and some members of the congregation, have not been able to cross into the United States due to COVID-19 Canadian/U.S. border restrictions. Please add this situation to your prayer list. God can do anything!

We received this update from Pastor & Sis. Rob Grant:



We are so thankful for what God is doing in Presque Isle, ME. Even though the Canadian/U.S. border is closed, God is still working in our midst. There are no borders with God.

On July 22, Kaeden was baptized in the beautiful name of Jesus at the FWC Campus! We are thanking Jesus for His protection on Kaeden earlier this summer during a potentially serious accident. We serve an amazing God.

We also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Pastor Wade Townley from Bangor, ME. His willingness to be with us in service every other Wednesday evening has been an incredible blessing to the church.

We are continuing to hold Children's Church services at this time. Thank you, Bro. & Sis. Josh Churchill for your commitment and investment in our children.

We are thanking God for the good report Bro. Paul Reid received concerning his health. Continue to pray that God will finish the work He has already started.

God bless,

Pastor & Sis. Rob Grant

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